Tommy’s expecting: he doesn’t know what.

He hopes it’s not something he’s already got.

He’s asked for a ball and he’s asked for a bike;

He’s seen on TV a new game that he’d like.

He’s tried to be good so that Santa will come:

No teasing his sister or sucking his thumb.

He climbs into bed and he closes his eyes,

Excited, expecting a Christmas surprise.


Susan’s expecting: expecting a crowd

Of family and friends – things are going to get loud.

She’s cooking the turkey, the table is laid,

The presents are wrapped and the pudding is made.

But all she can hear as she slumps in her chair

Is the silence of those who this year won’t be there.

She thinks of lost loved ones, then closes her eyes,

Hoping this Christmas she might just get by.


Mary’s expecting: expecting a boy.

At moments the thought of it fills her with joy:

She feels him kick and her heart wants to sing;

She remembers the angel who said he’d be king –

Then she stops and she asks herself, “How can it be

That God’s Son would be born to little old me?”

She closes her eyes and she utters a prayer –

She is trusting, but nervous; expecting, but scared.


Three people expecting; three sets of hopes,

From “Let me get presents” to “Just let me cope.”

But that’s Christmas: a time when we wait, we expect,

As the trees are put up and the hallways are decked,

‘Til the big day arrives and the waiting is done:

There’s a knock at the door, or a bike, or a Son.

It might meet expectations, or maybe surprise,

But whatever you’re hoping for, open your eyes…


And look at the gift God is giving to you:

You see, Christmas is centuries’ dreaming come true.

And not just a dream but a promise fulfilled:

God would make himself man and be born and be killed,

Then when all hope had gone and when no one expected,

Would rise from the dead, now alive, resurrected:

The King who exceeds all our best expectations;

Who gave us himself, to win our salvation.